Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The start of my new project...

Before Picture

Besides working on the two kitchen remodels that are taking up most of my time, I'm starting a new project.  My dad asked me to design his office. He is a construction superintendent for a company in Marysville.  Their office is in a pretty cool converted old house.  The architecture is very inspiring and I'm hoping that it comes together like I envision it. dad, he's man's man, he likes motorcycles, jeeps, hunting  and all things "guy", which means my design has to be masculine.  I'm still brainstorming but here's what I'm thinking...deep gray walls, industrial elements like metal mixed with aged leathers and I sure some deer antlers will find their way in there!   I envision vintage finds mixed with sleek modern elements.  I've already found a generic metal desk for $20 bucks that I'm transforming into a high-style piece (hopefully) with a little paint and some elbow grease. Also picked up a great industrial stool that I plan on  recovering with some great aged leather.  This is going to be a fun, yet challenging experience because like most people he is trying to do it on a budget.  I will post more as the project progresses and pictures when it's complete. 


Conference Room

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Here's some fun ways to change your home for fall

COZY UP furniture arrangements.  Move your furniture closer together to create more intimate conversations. Don't be affaid to float furniture in the space.

Place a comfy chair near your fireplace for a cozy place to sit and read.

Add CUDDLY, heavy textures like, velvet, chenille, wool, knit, tweed, leather & paisley or even burlap which is a great alternative because its very inexpensive.

Layering rugs is a great way to create warmth and texture- Try using a sisal or natural texture rug as bottom layer and a sheepskin or hyde rug on top.

Drape a FLUFFY throw blanket over the back of your sofa or chair.

Add rich fall color such as chocolate, golden yellow, burnt orange, plum and wine in accessories, pillows etc.

If you are feeling ambitious, try painting your dining space an APPETIZING color like burnt orange or wine.

Change out your lamp shades to something with texture and/or rich fall color.

Pillows are a really effective way to change the look of a room-a combination of TEXTURE, PATTERN and COLOR creates a great look.

Candlelight creates AMBIENCE, use fragrances like pumkin, spice, or apple. They look great arranged in clusters on mantels or even inside the fireplace as an alternative to an actual fire.

A collection of hardback or leather bound books look great stacked or leaning and provide different levels to tablesscapes. The are inexpensive and very effective.

Head OUTDOORS! Go for a hike search for some branches to cut. I love olive branches or anything with berries. They add a natural element and its free. Add some branches to your mantle or put a bunch in a pottery vase.

Pheasant feathers and antler sheds are some of my other favorite items to use in display and tablescapes.

Use an old trunk for a coffee or side table.

Place a textured BASKET on your hearth and fill with kindling or logs.

Some other items to consider using for display... wheat, nuts, artichokes, leaves, pomegranates.